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Breast Augmentation Austin

Indication: Women with naturally small breasts desiring an increase in size proportionally to the overall body habitus. Women that have lost breast volume due to weight loss or post pregnancy.

Incisions: Typically at the inframmary fold (crease under the breast) but also peri areolar (around the darker part around the nipple), and less common (axillary) in the underarm area

Recovery: Typically a week of discomfort requiring medications and resumption of activities week one onward based individually.

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“Some of our happiest patients are women that have undergone breast augmentation. I am always excited to see our patients come in for their third month post op visit as the fast majority of women walk straighter and have a huge boost in confidence. It’s also exciting to see the response when we show the before and afters as almost all our patients have already forgotten their pre operative appearance.”

Breast augmentation or enlargement is useful for women that have naturally smaller breasts or have lost breast volume due to weight loss or post pregnancy. There are two main ways this can be achieved. One is the use of implants and the other is the use of a patients own fat cells.

The implants we have today in the United States are made by one of three companies. Allergan, Mentor, and Sientra. Every implant is made of a silicone outer shell and the inner fill material is either saline or a form of liquid to semi solid silicone.

Scientific evidence has shown no link between claims of illness and breast implants. There is rare form of cancer called ALCL, anaplastic large cell lymphoma, that has a small possible association with breast implants. This is an extremely rare cancer but is being studied in coordination with the FDA. Here is a link to read about their findings with respect to ALCL and breast implants.

Dr. Levesque is pleased to offer implants from all three manufacturers available in the United States. He has received formal training in using saline, silicone, shaped, textured, and smooth devices of each manufactorer and also has ample experience using each to achieve the results you desire.

Breast augmentation by fat grafting is a technique used to inject your own fat cells harvested by liposuction in an area of relative excess. The augmentation achieved with this technique avoids using implants but can sometimes take more than one procedure to achieve a similar result than using an implant. The secondary benefit of liposuction in another area can be significant for many women.

Other complementary procedures especially as part of a mommy makeover: tummy tuck, mastopexy, liposuction

Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Augmentation:

Do I need to change the implants every 10 years?
This was commonly advised to patients previously but current generation implants do not need to be changed at a specific time interval but only if there is a rupture or severe capsular contracture.

How do I know if the implants have leaked?
This differs for saline filled or silicone filled implants. For saline implants the difference in size should be immediately noticed as your body will absorb any saline that has leaked.
For silicone filled implants the most common change is some discomfort or burning sensation. There is not always a change in the appearance of feel of the breast as the silicone will typically be contained by the capsule (scar tissue that forms normally and surrounding the implant). Most times a suspected rupture will be detected by an MRI or sometimes an ultrasound.

What needs to be done with a ruptured implant?
For saline implants the implant can typically be replaced through the same incision. Many of the implant manufacturers will cover the cost of the new implant and much of any surgery, facility, anesthesia fees.

For silicone implants the same process exists but can be a little more involved if the silicone has gone beyond the implant capsule. This is called an extracapsular rupture and is rare and usually present for years.

Do I still get mammograms with breast implants?
Yes you can and should still get mammograms according to your usual schedule. The radiology technologist will need to know you have implants in order to perform additional views on mammograms called Eklund (or implant displacement images). It is a little easier with implants that are placed underneath the pectoralis major muscle.

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