Thermage: Fight Aging Without Surgery

Combating the signs of aging begins with understanding what causes them. Over time, your skin loses volume and elasticity. This is part of the normal aging process, but it is something that many people wish to find a way to fight. In addition to the creams and beauty products you can use at home, the field of aesthetics offers several professional treatments that will help restore volume and elasticity, helping you look younger.

Non-Surgical Treatment through Thermage

Thermage is a radio frequency technique that softens the appearance of aging skin. It works well on the body, such as thighs and tummy, by reducing cellulite. And can tighten the brow, forehead, face, neck, and eyes. Because it is a non-surgical treatment, Thermage does not pose much risk to individuals, nor does it require downtime after treatment. Many patients dealing with mild signs of aging find this to be an excellent alternative to costly and risky surgery.

Many of the lost elasticity people experience as they age comes from a breakdown in collagen, a natural protein that provides the skin’s structure. Thermage works by affecting collagen production. First, it heats up the collagen, causing it to contract. It also encourages the body to begin producing more collagen.

What Does Thermage Involve?

Thermage treatment involves applying a small probe to the skin, where it emits radio frequency energy to the tissue underneath the top layer of the skin. The patient feels little discomfort while the probe heats the collagen, causing it to contract. After treatment, the body starts producing new collagen. Most patients are able to return to their normal activities immediately after receiving treatment. Any swelling or redness, which is mild, will disappear within a day or two, but usually after the first hour.