Laser Hair Removal in Austin

Spending far too much time shaving, plucking or tweezing your unwanted hair? Laser hair removal eliminates unwanted hair once and for all so that home hair-removal techniques become things of the past. Devenir Aesthetics offer laser hair removal in Austin and we are the first company in Austin to utilize LightSheer DUET, the latest in laser technology, for the procedure.

LightSheer DUET laser hair removal:

  • Sends a beam of light through the skin’s surface into the hair follicles beneath.
  • Let’s that light transfer to heat, which destroys hair follicles without damage to the surrounding pores or skin.
  • Safely removes hair from the face, armpits, back, legs and the bikini area.
  • Works best on dark, coarse hair.
  • Covers large areas of skin at one time, which cuts treatment times in half in comparison to older laser hair removal technologies.

When you opt for laser hair removal, you’ll need several sessions to completely eliminate hair growth. The number of sessions required depends on hair growth patterns, hair color and coarseness. The successful removal of body hair with laser treatments requires commitment to the required number of sessions, but you can work the treatments into your schedule so that they don’t become an imposition on your time.

When you get your laser hair removal in Austin, Devenir Aesthetics can help lead you through the full process, from the first session until your final hair-eliminating treatment. Don’t worry if such a time-saving cosmetic treatment seems beyond your budget. We offer Care Credit for those approved at (payment is always due at time of service). They offer no-interest financing for qualifying amounts. For example, $1800+ = 18 months with no interest. Less than $1800, we offer shorter terms with no interest.

So if you have unwanted body hair that you’d like to eliminate, consider laser hair removal, and when you consider laser hair removal in Austin, consider Devenir Aesthetics.