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Archive for December, 2012

Extending The Beauty Of Youth: Facelift Quality and Long-Term Satisfaction

For many, accepting the fact that our looks aren’t going to last is simply unacceptable, and with a facelift, Austin Tx residents can expect those looks to last for years after they would ordinarily have faded. Having to cope with the effects of the aging process and living in Earth’s gravity field will eventually affect […]

Surgery for Cheek-Fat Reduction

One aspect of weight loss that many people overlook is that even if you’ve lost weight in your belly and other areas, one place that weight still shows is in the face. Austin surgery doctors will tell you that the best way to make the face look thinner is to have cheek reduction surgery. Not […]

Eyelid Cosmetic Surgery

Sometimes, one of the hardest parts of our bodies to feel good about has nothing to do with tummies, legs or even breasts. It has to do with our eyes. We can change our eye color with contacts and apply make-up to change their appearance but when it comes to how our eyelids look in […]

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