Extending The Beauty Of Youth: Facelift Quality and Long-Term Satisfaction

For many, accepting the fact that our looks aren’t going to last is simply unacceptable, and with a facelift, Austin TX residents can expect those looks to last for years after they would ordinarily have faded. Having to cope with the effects of the aging process and living in Earth’s gravity field will eventually affect everyone’s appearance. While nothing will totally defeat gravity and the aging process which will eventually take its toll, being able to extend the lifetime of those looks May well be worth the cost and effort.

Business people often speak of getting the most return for your investment and when you spend the money for a facelift, you want to ensure you’ll be getting full value for your money. By gauging how long a quality facelift will last, you’ll be able to determine whether you’ll be able to get that long term satisfaction you desire. When it comes to verifiable statistical evidence about the long term satisfaction, there are few studies available but those that are show that long term satisfaction for most patients is very high.

The main study available, the Owsley Facelift Satisfaction Survey shows that after a year, virtually every patient said that they were completely satisfied with their facelifts. Of patients surveyed after fifteen years, over two-thirds of patients who had a facelift stated that the facelift had added at least ten years to their youthful appearance and that the facelift results were still very good or exceeded expectations. Of course, this implies that the facelift was done by a reputable surgeon.

However, when you consider that an automobile is only supposed to last for seven to ten years and that most marriages barely last fifteen years, for so many patients to express satisfaction with their facelift results after a similar length of time is a good sign that a facelift Austin TX surgeons do will provide satisfaction as well. Having a facelift is one of those life-affirming events that can improve a person’s self-esteem dramatically and to know that with a quality facelift from a professional surgeon that the self-esteem improvement will remain years after the procedure is comforting.