What Austin Laser Hair Removal Patients Should Know About Selective Photothermolysis

For most of us, “selective photothermolysis” is one of those phrases that not only induces blank stares but usually leads to the closest bottle of Tylenol simply hearing the words. However, for those who are looking for the best form of permanent hair removal, this is the process that is most often employed. Essentially, for those of us in the Scrabble-challenged category, this is actually only a fancy way of saying “laser hair removal”. Austin, TX has cosmetic surgeons who will tell you that this technique, among others, is not only the easiest to use but also one of the most comfortable for their patients.

If we stop to break down that mind-numbing phrase, it is actually quite easy to see how it works. The jawbreaker ‘photo-thermo-lysis’ literally means ‘light’, ‘heat’ and ‘decomposition’. Adding the word ‘selective’ means that only specific targets will receive the light-heat-decomposition process. In the case of laser hair removal, Austin laser technicians will use a laser that will specifically target only certain colors (light) with a tightly controlled beam (heat) to cause damage (decomposition) to hair follicles while preventing damage to any other areas of the surrounding skin. This will cause hair to no longer grow in the treated areas.

By using several passes of the selective photothermolysis laser system, the various colors of hair are targeted, eventually eliminating any hair from growing in the specified area. With today’s technologies, not only are fewer passes required to eliminate the hair growth, but the procedure is much more comfortable for the patient. Because of the necessary contrast between colors necessary for differentiating between the target area (hair follicles) and regular skin tones, patients with fair skin and dark hair will see the fastest results.

Granted, it may still be a mouthful of a phrase to say, but understanding what it means and how it works actually isn’t difficult at all. If you’re planning to have areas of your skin treated to prevent hair growth, talking about Austin laser hair removal, Texas, cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists will most likely discuss some form of selective photothermolysis with you. For the best results with the least discomfort, this technique may well be the one for you.