Cosmetic Surgeons Also Provide Varicose and Spider Vein Treatments

One aspect of life that virtually every human on the planet shares is some level of body consciousness. We want our bodies to be healthy and strong and we want them to look the best they can. Women especially want their legs to look great but if spider veins or varicose veins appear, not only do people feel less attractive but health issues may arise as well. Austin cosmetic surgeons have all the skills and the equipment necessary to eliminate these unsightly veins and to prevent what could become a deadly health condition.

Veins are the blood vessels responsible for returning ‘used’ blood back to the lungs so it can be refreshed with oxygen. These veins run throughout our bodies and for those close to the skin, they may become unsightly if they’re not functioning properly. If the valves in the veins responsible for keeping the blood from backing up aren’t working right, these veins can swell and show up as purplish lines on our skin, especially on our legs where they can become very unsightly, causing a huge negative impact on our self-confidence.

These conditions are called ‘spider veins’ for the small ones and ‘varicose veins’ for large ones and for people who have great legs, these can truly damage how we feel about ourselves. One aspect to keep in mind is that these conditions will continue to progress which may cause health issues such as blood clots, restless leg syndrome and even ulcerations to appear. Not only will Austin cosmetic surgeon be able to prevent these serious, and possibly fatal health conditions from occurring, they can restore your legs to their former glory at the same time.

While many people have a skewed opinion of cosmetic surgeons, seeing them only as glorified make-up artists, the truth is far different. Cosmetic surgeons are indeed medical doctors who have spent the years in medical schools for their educations and done the internships for training. They truly do understand how the body works and the cosmetic treatments they employ are not only medically sound, they’re medically safe and secure as well.

The men and women in the cosmetic surgery field know how the human body works and how to improve how it looks so you can feel good about whom you are as well as ensuring you feel healthy too.