Skin Care Austin Discusses the Importance of Exfoliation

You might have heard about skin exfoliation in fashion magazines and in skin care commercials on television. What exactly does skin exfoliation entail? Is there a specific procedure for it? How does it help your skin?

Skin Care Austin wants you to know everything there is to skin exfoliation so that you have healthy and clean skin. First, you need to understand more about how your skin regenerates itself.

Skin Cells And Exfoliation

Your skin is made up of cells on the surface. Your body continually sheds the old skin cells and creates new cells to keep your body protected from the sun and other damaging elements. When you are young, your body doesn’t have any problems shedding the old skin cells. But as you grow older, the dead skin cells can accumulate on the surface. If not properly removed, these cells will begin to clog your pores and allow excess oil to sit on your skin. When this happens, you become more prone to developing blemishes and acne.

Exfoliation is a manual process you can do for your skin to remove the dead skin cells. You will be cleaning out your pores and preventing acne and blemishes from developing. Both men and women can benefit from regular skin exfoliation. Women can have softer, more beautiful skin. Men can exfoliate their skin to expose more hair follicles on the face as this will allow for a closer and cleaner shave.

Methods of Exfoliation

Every person has a different skin type: sensitive, oily or dry skin. So you will have to find the best skin exfoliation process that works for you. Skin care Austin recommends a nice exfoliating scrub that you can use at home once a week as you gently rub the granules across the skin using your fingertips. Never roughly scrub the granules into your skin as this can cause irritation. You may want to use a skin care brush, such as the Clarisonic MD Professional Skin Care Brush, to help scrub off the dead skin cells.

You may also use chemical exfoliation processes in the form of masks and peels. Masks and peels offer a deeper level of exfoliation, so use them intermittently between your regular weekly home exfoliation routine. Never exfoliate your skin too much as this can damage your skin and cause it to dry out.

Exfoliation Will Give You Beautiful and Healthy Skin

Your skin can continue to look young and beautiful with proper exfoliation. Unclog pores, diminish the signs of wrinkles and leave skin looking soft and bright by simply removing the old, dead skin cells!