When Considering a Nose Job Austin Residents Should Understand a Few Things

Your nose functions as a very important part of your respiratory system. You may be born with a nose that you have always been unhappy with aesthetically, or a deviated septum that may have been the source of some breathing issues. When your doctor addresses the aesthetic issues that you have with your nose, the current and potential functional characteristics of your nose are also a very important thing to include in assessment. When electing to go with a nose job Austin residents should be aware of a few things:

Nasal Structures That May Contribute to Breathing Problems

The below-listed nasal structures can be malformed from birth, damaged from physical trauma, or poorly executed procedures in this area.

  • Nasal valves – You have an internal nasal valve (farther back up the nostril) that works with an external valve (closer to the nostril) to regulates airway flow. Internal valves can collapse, restricting proper airway flow.
  • Nasal septum – The septum is the wall separating the nasal cavities of each nostril. A deviated septum may create problems for proper nasal functioning, which also influences the external appearance of your nose.
  • Turbinates – Structures in your nasal passage way that regulates air flow and provides more surface area of cilia and other tissues that aid in climate control.

Materials in Your Body/Nasal Structures Used in Nose Job Procedures

About midway down the length of your nose, down to your nose tip is cartilage material that can be reshaped by lessening or augmenting of those structures. Sometimes, material can also be taken from other parts of the body such as the cartilage of the ears. The nasal septum can also be altered, and can influence the shape of your nose as well.

Secondary Nose Job Procedures are More Difficult to Perform

Patients who have had nose job procedures in other clinics sometimes want to get further corrections made and elect for a second nose job procedure. Secondary nose job procedures are certainly doable but more difficult to perform because there may be less material remaining to work with. There may also be structural issues depending on how poor or good a job was previously done. Skin and tissues are also not as flexible as before.


Our facial surgeon Dr. Patel has extensive training and educational background for a very strong foundation in both the functional and cosmetic aspects of surgery in the head and neck region. You will have the nose that looks best on you, and you only, as Dr. Patel believes with nose surgery Austin residents must have a nose that is tailored to meet the their specific goals, both aesthetically and functionally. Give us a call today for more information or to schedule a consultation.