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“Turkey Wattle.” You’ve seen it on your grandparents when you were younger, and on your parents when you got older. Now the torch has been passed on to you! But thanks to advances in medicine, unlike previous generations, cosmetic surgery has become much more of a common thing & accessible thing to have done. You’re not doomed to fulfill that final likeness of your mother, father, or grandparent. The neck lift procedure is fairly straightforward. Since no two “turkey wattles” are alike, you want to be sure to go to a highly qualified Austin cosmetic surgeon that will tailor your neck lift procedure for the best results possible. Here is some additional information on your neck area and the procedure itself.

Platysma Muscles in Your Neck

Everyone has neck muscles called Platysma muscles. These muscles look like two sheets of tissue which start at each upper chest, and run up each side of the neck, ending by the chin and part of the face. As we age, these muscles loosen, contributing to neck sag and even a double-chin. These muscles enable us to make much of the facial expressions that we do, and with time and overuse, they start to change in consistency and weaken.

Other Contributors to a Sagging Neck

The Platysma muscles weaken and sag. Similarly, as we age, the rest of our bodies follow suit. As far as the neck and face are concerned, we lose muscle and tissue mass in our faces, bone mass in our jaw, and the upper spine also atrophies, even further contributing to a general laxity in our features and neck area. Structural decline doesn’t serve well for skin that is also breaking down. The cumulative effects of aging add up pretty quickly for a neck that can only recover with a neck lift procedure.

The Neck Lift Procedure

With the neck lift procedure, our cosmetic surgeon addresses structural concerns like a loss in facial mass, with the option of adding facial implants. If fat accumulation in the neck is a factor, liposuction can also be performed in the area. For the lift to the neck, incisions are inconspicuously made by the ears, and then the skin is pulled against the direction of gravity’s pull, and then excess skin is removed. Our Austin cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Patel, knows how to get the incisions just right so that there is minimal disruption of your hairline. You will even be able to tie up your hair without others noticing you had anything done. General recovery time is roughly 2 weeks. Full recovery time is 4-6 weeks.

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