Austin Skin Care Services – About Chemical Peels

They say that outer-beauty is only skin-deep. But the health and appearance of your skin, is a byproduct of genetics, stress levels, diet, hormones, lifestyle, etc. Without a good skin care regimen, skin becomes rough in texture over time. Among the many popular treatments our clinic offers in Austin, skin care services include chemical peels. This is a very popular treatment that will leave you with refreshed, glowing skin. Below are some skin conditions that chemical peels can help correct.


Melanocytes produce melanin, which is a pigment that gives our skin color. As we age, our skin is less efficient at regulating and distributing melanocytes. Other causes for brown spots, or hyper-pigmentation, are acne, sun damage, and various other skin conditions and diseases. Sun exposure can cause uneven pigmentation, freckles and age spots. Chemical peels are a popular skin care method of fading brown spots for a more even skin tone.


Older skin is also less efficient at shedding old, dried out skin, which is a contributor to wrinkles. Chemical peels are a great way to speed along this process, and help minimize yet another aging factor. Exfoliation stimulates the skin to reveal more vibrant skin underneath.


Acne is another common issue that can be alleviated by incorporating chemical peels to one’s skin care treatment plan. A lot of people tend to use harsh soaps and products in an attempt to dry out their acne. Dried skin, however, will break off and clog the pores, disrupting the natural flow of sebum. Sebum gets trapped in the pores, causing an unnatural amount of bacterial buildup. A mild chemical peel is a great way to give the skin a good restart, helping to shed problematic skin.

If your skin is dull or patchy in appearance, or if you are suffering from acne, call us or leave your comments here. At our clinic here in Austin, skin care is tailored to the individual’s needs.