The Benefits of Restylane Austin Residents Can Enjoy

Aging is an unavoidable fact of life that we all have to face eventually. As we get older, the collagen and elastin fibers in the skin break down, leaving us with skin that is less supple and more prone to wrinkles. We offer a treatment solution called Restylane Austin residents have been expressing great results with. Here are a few of the benefits you can enjoy with Restylane dermal filler.

Some Benefits of Restylane Treatment

  1. Longer-lasting results than collagen injections – Restylane treatment results usually last up to twice as long as that of collagen injections.
  2. Minimal side effects compared to that with collagen injections – Unlike the standard bovine collagen injection, Restylane is a natural, non-animal substance. As a result, it is extremely rare for patients to show any signs of allergic reaction to Restylane treatments. Redness at the injection points resolve itself within a couple of days at most
  3. Restlylane treatments are naturally compatible with your body – Restylane dermal fillers are based on a substance called hyaluronic acid, a sugar molecule that is already naturally present in the body. Skin tests for allergies, prior to treatment, are not necessary.
  4. Restylane dermal filler is the only non-animal based hyaluronic acid filler – Not only is Restylane free of animal substances, but it is the only hyaluronic acid based filler that is completely animal free.
  5. Restylane is a great natural alternative to Botox® injections – Botox® works great for a lot of our patients, as it helps to relax the muscles in the face, and minimize laugh lines and permanently furrowed brows. Some of our patients, however, choose to go with a completely natural treatment which they can find in Restylane injections.
  6. Compatible with other wrinkle treatments – Restylane works well with our many other wrinkle treatment products. Depending on your specific needs and skin type, it can be used along with other treatments, for a more customized and natural looking result.
  7. Get fuller, natural looking lips – Restylane is also used on the lips. Get fuller, beautifully-contoured, natural looking lips right away.
  8. Minimal discomfort and immediate results – Tiny needles are injected at treatment areas on the skin, and the pain is very minimal. You will walk out with smoother, wrinkle-free skin, with only minor redness at the injection points, which will resolve itself in as little as a few hours, to up to days at most.

Live Your Life!

Don’t let a few wrinkles get you down. It’s nothing a little boost from our Austin clinic can’t make better. Allow yourself to feel beautiful, and live your life! Come and discover the benefits of Restylane Austin residents can all enjoy.

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