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Archive for February, 2014

DeepFX is a Powerful Solution to Aging Skin

If you desire younger looking skin, but are not interested in cosmetic surgery, DeepFX is a very powerful treatment option providing optimal results with very little downtime. Over time, the skin naturally loses its elasticity as collagen production slows with age. Additionally, sun damage tends to cause discoloration and uneven skin tone. Another common issue […]

What is Recovery Like After Varicose Vein or Spider Vein Treatment?

Do you suffer from unsightly spider veins or painful, bulging varicose veins? Today, it’s quite easy to get rid of those problematic veins. Sclerotherapy and Endovenous laser ablation are two minimally invasive procedures that are less painful and offer a far shorter recovery period than with traditional vein removal methods. We’ll go over the general […]

Popular Wrinkle Treatment Options for Men

Men are increasingly turning to cosmetic treatments to reap the social and professional benefits that give them an edge in both the social realm and in the work place. The goal for men, when it comes to cosmetic treatments, is not to have porcelain smooth skin or higher cheekbones. Men tend to favor a rejuvenated […]

Facial Cosmetic Surgery Still On The Rise Among Males – A Growing Trend in Masculinizing Procedures

Cosmetic surgery is not just for women anymore; in fact it never really was. Facial cosmetic surgery is an effective way to turn back the years. Smoother skin, more refined noses and enhancement of the cheekbones was once strongly associated with more feminine features. On males, however, these same enhancements have the effect of enhancing […]

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