Facial Cosmetic Surgery Still On The Rise Among Males – A Growing Trend in Masculinizing Procedures

Cosmetic surgery is not just for women anymore; in fact it never really was. Facial cosmetic surgery is an effective way to turn back the years. Smoother skin, more refined noses and enhancement of the cheekbones was once strongly associated with more feminine features. On males, however, these same enhancements have the effect of enhancing one’s naturally rugged and masculine features as well. Technological improvements which are making procedures more affordable and less painful to undergo are having us all realize the great potential and versatility of facial cosmetic surgery among both genders.

A Continuing Rise in Cosmetic Procedures for Males

Statistics reveal that in 2011, 9% of all cosmetic surgery procedures were performed on males. That may not seem like a lot, until you take into consideration that this is a 121% increase from 1997! According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, that number has increased to 13%, and is continuing on a steady rise.

Male Trends in Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Interestingly, one of the most popular facial cosmetic surgery procedures among both sexes is nose reshaping. The way a nose is enhanced with males, however, is quite different. Men are embracing their naturally masculine features, and are keeping, and even enhancing a broader, stronger-looking nose. In many cases, a chin implant or other enhancement is used to balance out the nose with the rest of the face.

Eyelid surgery is another top procedure used for both males and females to smooth out the delicate eyelids and surrounding areas, while trimming away sagging skin. On men, the effect is masculinizing as their natural features are enhanced.

Facelifts, the 3rd most popular facial cosmetic surgery procedure, combined with other individualized treatment solutions, help to reveal a stronger jawline which over the years tends to soften up under an accumulation of fat and lax skin. The end goal is to enhance one’s masculine features for a stronger, more rugged look.

Important Considerations for Great Results

Patients must understand that they will get very different results depending on the surgeon that they choose. Dr. Patel has a very rich educational and experiential background in both the medical and aesthetic aspects of the human facial anatomy. He has an intimate understanding and appreciation of the detailed distinctions between races, genders and even personality types. It is crucial to go with a quality facial cosmetic surgeon when trying to achieve the most natural looking results possible, as literally no two faces are alike.

Cosmetic surgery among males is no longer taboo! Facial cosmetic surgery is an opportunity that all patients can enjoy, no matter how distinct and diverse their goals.

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