DeepFX is a Powerful Solution to Aging Skin

If you desire younger looking skin, but are not interested in cosmetic surgery, DeepFX is a very powerful treatment option providing optimal results with very little downtime. Over time, the skin naturally loses its elasticity as collagen production slows with age. Additionally, sun damage tends to cause discoloration and uneven skin tone. Another common issue is scarring and pitting. All of these issues can be easily addressed with the DeepFX treatment.

The DeepFX Treatment

The DeepFX technique uses fractional CO2 laser microbeams that are targeted to the skin’s underlying dermal layers, where collagen production is stimulated. Additionally, the skin’s surface imperfections are vaporized. Expect to see sunburned looking skin after the treatment.

DeepFX is a non-surgical procedure that takes an average of 20 minutes to administer. An anesthetic cream is usually applied about 30 minutes prior to treatment. The treatment is not painful, but the patient will usually experience some mild discomfort.

Post-Treatment Recovery

One of the beauties of the DeepFX treatment, is the laser only actually touches a fraction of the skin. This significantly reduces healing time. Expect some skin peeling, and possibly some scabbing and redness. Patients should plan for about a week of downtime, after which any redness or mild swelling should go away.

Long-Lasting Results!

Once skin has healed, you are left with smoother, more evenly toned skin. As collagen production has been stimulated, you will experience additional improvements to your skin over the next few months. Take good care of your rejuvenated skin! With proper sun protection, expect to enjoy your results for several years to come!

In a few rare instances, patients may have a skin or health condition that can affect their candidacy for treatment. Feel free to call us up to see if you qualify for this exciting treatment option!