Will You Love The Clarisonic MD Professional Skin Care Brush?

If you wish for smoother, more radiant skin, Clarisonic’s professional skin care brush is very likely to put all your skin woes to rest. Clarisonic MD professional skin care brush uses sonic technology to gently and thoroughly clean your skin, undoing the daily and nightly barrage of oils and environmental pollutants that clog pores and wreak havoc. Below are some of the things you can look forward to.

A Gentle Brush for All Skin Types

Clarisonic’s skin care brush is gentle, working with your skin’s elasticity. Rather than rotating, it uses sonic technology to oscillate at over 300 movements per second. The sensation is quite different from scrubbing, like a sonic skin massage. Deeply embedded dirt and oils are loosened and rinsed away. Replaceable brush heads come in delicate, sensitive, and normal, to accommodate all skin types.

Get the Full Benefit of Your Skin Care Products

Skin care moisturizers and serums can be very costly. How much of the benefit are you getting for the dollar? The Clarisonic skin care brush cleans six times more effectively than one would with just their hands, optimally priming the skin to absorb skin care products for best results.

Go to Bed Free of Makeup Residue

If you wear makeup on a regular basis, this skin brush will be your new best friend. It’s difficult to completely remove makeup with a simple wash. Makeup formulations are becoming more and more effective at staying put, which is great during the day, but makes it nearly impossible to thoroughly cleanse at the end of the day. The Clarisonic skin brush is the solution to make sure your skin is getting the rest it needs every night.

If you feel that your skin needs a boost, the Clarisonic MD professional skin care brush is a great place to start.