Laser Hair Removal Special in January 2019

Laser Hair Removal (LHR) is a game changer. It’s not hyperbole to say it’s life-changing for some. Between genetics and hormones, we all have some form of unwanted hair on our arms, legs, neck, back and other areas. Men! What if you could get your hairline shaped like you’ve just gotten a fresh haircut, all of the time? Women. . . we know one case of the chills is all it takes to undo our careful shaving of our important bits: Folliculitis, razor burn, ingrown hairs. Those are just a few things LHR can remedy. Let Devenir Aesthetics help you! LHR works by sending energy into the follicle and causing trauma to the follicle that, over time, breaks it down to the point of no longer being able to produce a hair. Devenir Aesthetics uses the most effective and technologically advanced laser therapy.

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