Spring 2019 Seasonal Tips


Many patients hear comments about the fact that sun and laser light do not mix. But spring is a perfectly fine time to have any laser treatment.

At Devenir, we can safely perform laser treatments all spring and summer long, but it is very important to wear sunscreen, stay cool and cover the areas that are being treated. Bikini lines, underarms and face are still very popular areas to treat during the warmer months.

I ask that patients wear a medical grade sunscreen every single day and apply it several times a day. And then when going on those fun weekend adventures, don’t forget to wear your wide-brimmed, stylish hat!

You can always count on one of our Devenir team members for the best recommendation of sunscreen and treatment protocol that best suits your cosmetic needs!


Early Spring is a great time of year for Sclerotherapy. The long dresses and pants help cover those spider veins. But the season to wear shorts is coming!! Head into the office to start treatment that will show off those legs for the summer!