You can also tell she knows what she’s doing

Jenny Allen, I will follow you anywhere! I’ve been a long time client of Jenny’s. She was the first person to ever inject my lips with filler and she will be the last. I was suuuuper nervous bc I wasn’t necessarily trying to enhance my lips, I wanted to create an upper lip. I had fears of it looking to fake or not looking good with the rest of my face and features. And over time we were able to create a beautiful upper lip and I will never go back to not having one! Lol. Jenny is an artist. She’s also Virgo if hat means anything to you. But it’s the perfect combination of seeing beauty and creating beautiful things, but also being a perfectionist and taking pride in her work. Her demeanor is kind and you automatically feel safe and comfortable around her. You can also tell she knows what she’s doing, which made me feel a million times better. She’s the professional and I immediately felt comfortable allowing and trusting her to do her craft to get my desire results. They are also following safe protocols regarding Covid, the space is clean and comfortable. And everyone I met was so nice4! Anyways, see Jenny Allen, she is a gem.